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Tick Tok Insanity

The feeling that you have so many things to do yet you have very little time to do it. How I wish that I can control time so that I can finish anything in a blink of an eye. 

Sometimes we need “ME, MYSELF, AND I TIME” because if you neglect yourself from having a good time once in a while, then you’ll burnout. It’s not bad to take a rest and think about yourself first rather than over working yourself and being stressed all the time.

As for me I have a lot of things to do. The Silew awards application, New year’s Revolution, Research paper, Choreography, Show your choreo, DBMS, System’s Architecture, Pasiklaban practices, Practices for NYR, sponsors, judges, posters, flyers, set ups, and all other responsibilities that needs to be done in a week. I’m on a verge of burning out because I don’t have the time and luxury to relax now because of all this things in mind. In order for me to relax and enjoy my own time, I must finish all my obligations and responsibilities before I end my term as the President real-timeof my Org.

It’s very difficult but this tasks are not impossible to do, their jus
t time consuming and what I need now is an extra 2 hrs in the clock. I just wish that there is a 15:00pm in a 12hr format (if you know what I mean). Time is upon us, it is constant yet, it is not enough to finish everything that you want in a given time, Whether you planned your day or not, it still doesn’t matter because when you concentrate on something, your focus on the time will be gone and you will be surprised and say that the time runs fast.

Hopefully everything will turn out fine, I just need a little help right now because these tasks can’t be done in just one day. I want the output of my work to be great, it’s like comparing quantity over quality. I want to focus more on the quality of my work instead of how I finished my work fast. In that way the people that I want to look at my outputs will be satisfied with my work because of efficiency and quality. Same with life, you must take it nice and slow in order for you to not miss a single thing along the way.

Oh well, going back to real life again.