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1752834As time goes by here in the Philippines.. crime is done by everybody now a days.. many people here don’t have fear anymore, they don’t care anymore. Most of the crimes here in the Philippines are Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, Homicide, and many more. and the sad thing about this is that many of these crimes are made by Minors. The most popular here is about rape and it’s punish by death penalty. Since we value life here in the Philippines, our law makers removed the death penalty sentence and changed it to life imprisonment because we strongly believe that all people can change. But what’s happening now is that most of this people are not afraid anymore. There comes to a point that rape victims are babies which makes me very angry with this criminals.

Another story is that prisoners in new bilibid prison are having a luxury of staying there because they found out that the drug lords inside the maximum facility are still running there business and living comfortably because of cellphones, internet, flat screen tv, bathtubs, and not to mention money and sex dolls. Which questions the credibility of our law enforcers because they let this people live like Kings inside the prison in exchange for money.

With that said I strongly believe that it is now time to bring back death penalty here in the Philippines. Now’s the time to wake up and take a stand! These people don’t fear the law anymore because they know that MONEY, AND POWER CAN CONTROL THE LAW. Our law makers should change this so that the people of the Philippines can trust our government again. Sad to say these people never learn not until they face death.