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New Year’s Revolution: Genesis (The Making)

I know it’s already June but there’s no such thing as an “old year”, not unless it is before 2016.

After almost 1 month of processing, finally it’s already on the go. This was just a CRAZY IDEA made for the students of the University of the Cordilleras, and was made real with the help of the USC and IT Society.

I’m so excited because finally my crazy idea will come to life, just like my 1st idea of creating a dance workshop for the students of UC. Now, the moment that I’ve been waiting for is coming fast. Hopefully everything will be alright and successful.

The date is set for the competitibegin_processon. On July 16, 2016, the 26th year anniversary of the biggest earthquake that hit Baguio City back in 1990. We will know who will start the Revolution in UC. A Revolution of it’s students, a change in culture, a change in attitude, and a change that will make UC be known for it’s extraordinary students with unique, and astonishing talents.

We still have a lot to take care of and hopefully everything will be fine. I believe that this event will be successful because of the hard work and dedication of my active members, USC, IT Society, and volunteers in order for this event to push through. We’re already around 60% in the process and I believe that it will be 150% during the event ( I hope so ).


Don’t be afraid of letting your ideas be heard, because you’ll never know the great impact of an idea once it is already been made. Creation came from an idea so don’t underestimate the power of the mind. Think of an idea now but create it tomorrow for the development of the future.

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Dance for PASSION and not for fame


Dancing is an ART not a TOOL for fame.

If your purpose is to gain popularity through dancing then you’ll fail.

Dance for passion and not for fame is not just a statement, but for me it is a principle that I follow. I want to improve my skills not to prove that I’m strong, but I’m doing it because I love to do it. It is a freedom of expression where you can be who you are and nobody can judge you. It has different styles based on the person’s preference, and  different genres to choose from. Having said all that I believe that no matter how good you are, no image-contactsmatter how difficult your choreography is, if you don’t put your heart and soul into your work, then your dance is just like a steak with no flavor in it. It may look good but if you don’t feel the dancer’s heart then the appreciation is gone.

I’ve met a lot of dancers in my time with the community. I’ve learned that the most humble persons in the dance community are the ones who actually “MADE IT” and the ones that doesn’t are the ones who are very arrogant. From that little research that I made, I now realize the concept of ATTITUDE = 100%.  I now fully understand that the arrogant people in the community are just improving their skills but never reached success because of their attitude. The people that desire to improve their skills just to show-off, are the same people who are being “ASSKISSERS” once they’re with the strongest dancers in the community and claims that their already on their level just because of several workshops.

The knowledge that you gain from every workshop is supposed to be shared and not bragged. Every workshop you attend doesn’t just contain the choreography and the foundations of that genre, but it contains much more deeper than that. It will teach you that everything that they taught you is based on their experience and the knowledge that they’ve gained when they’re just starting. Every workshop teaches us that in order for you to become a great dancer you must work hard, take negativity as a challenge, be humble, and most importantly, put your heart into it. In that way you will improve not only your skills but also your personality.

Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty.


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Character Makes A Man

hwoarang_194676-1600x900Many of us wonder what our true character is. For me, I will go with Hwoarang from Tekken. He is very good and to consider that he is my favorite character in Tekken because basically he’s like me ( not on a fighting kind of style). Many of the Tekken players hate this character because he is hard to understand and very hard to beat because his movements are very unpredictable and his movements can change during battle just like me. On my experience in my life so far, back then, I’m a very unpredictable person and I can say I’m very complex but I can be reliable. Working with this character was bitter but the results are worth it because I can say that he is a powerful character to use, if you know how to use him. He might be hated by players because he is hard to understand and very complex but he can kick ass very well.

Hwoarang-Fight-Scene-001   Maybe the reason why it was easy for me to understand him is because I’m playing a player that has my personality. In Tekken 5 he was defeated by Devil Jin but that doesn’t stop him from fighting. Right after he recovered he trained so hard and he was really determined to be the best. Like my struggles in life. I was down but I choose to stand up and be better. His attitude on not giving up and be stronger than he ever was. He is a character that I can look up to because like me I’ve been through hardships in my life and I never gave up on life. I strive in doing much better than before and I’m very determined to be successful in life. And when that time comes that I’m successful, I will never stop and keep pushing forward to be much better.