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Character Makes A Man

hwoarang_194676-1600x900Many of us wonder what our true character is. For me, I will go with Hwoarang from Tekken. He is very good and to consider that he is my favorite character in Tekken because basically he’s like me ( not on a fighting kind of style). Many of the Tekken players hate this character because he is hard to understand and very hard to beat because his movements are very unpredictable and his movements can change during battle just like me. On my experience in my life so far, back then, I’m a very unpredictable person and I can say I’m very complex but I can be reliable. Working with this character was bitter but the results are worth it because I can say that he is a powerful character to use, if you know how to use him. He might be hated by players because he is hard to understand and very complex but he can kick ass very well.

Hwoarang-Fight-Scene-001   Maybe the reason why it was easy for me to understand him is because I’m playing a player that has my personality. In Tekken 5 he was defeated by Devil Jin but that doesn’t stop him from fighting. Right after he recovered he trained so hard and he was really determined to be the best. Like my struggles in life. I was down but I choose to stand up and be better. His attitude on not giving up and be stronger than he ever was. He is a character that I can look up to because like me I’ve been through hardships in my life and I never gave up on life. I strive in doing much better than before and I’m very determined to be successful in life. And when that time comes that I’m successful, I will never stop and keep pushing forward to be much better.