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The Real Champion

Floyd-Mayweather-vs-Manny-Pacquiao-odds-665x385The whole world is waiting eagerly for this fight. Finally! a clash between the 2 best fighters of this era! Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao VS Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. Everyone is so excited for this fight!! yeah!! BUT what happened? After all the Hype they’ve put on this fight in the end “WE” the “FANS” are very disappointed. So much hype for the so called “Fight of the Century”.

For starters we all know that Manny is an aggressive fighter, and even though he fought with an injured right shoulder, he fought aggressively, and he gave it his all, and he never backed down, and I respect him for that, unlike Floyd who obviously played it safe. He spends his time running around the ring and when Manny attacks him, He immediately hugs him and then runs away again. He uses this strategy to make sure that he will win via Unanimous Decision and maintain his status as an undefeated fighter. Other people might say that he’s smart for doing it, for me in my opinion yes it is a smart thing to do but also it is a cowardly thing to do to win a match.

Sorry Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans but running around the ring and hugging your opponent won’t earn the respect of the people who loves boxing and the love of the fans. People will remember Floyd Mayweather Jr. not as the undefeated champ but as a fighter who is a coward. If you’ll say that it is his game plan then that’s a poor excuse for playing it safe. You call him “the greatest defensive fighter” but a lot of people will call him “the greatest runner”, “the greatest hugger” and “the greatest coward” in boxing history and he will never be considered to be in the hall of fame after claiming to himself that “He is greater than Ali”.

1430639868_floyd+mayweather+vs+manny+pacquiao Clearly he’s very arrogant and very disrespectful especially to his father Floyd Sr. that’s why people think that he is a bad role model unlike Manny. Manny Pacquiao is a very powerful fighter, not only he’s powerful but also he’s a very fast fighter. He is also a very successful man, he’s the only boxer who is an 8 division title holder. He is feared because of his aggressiveness in the ring, you can just look at Floyd’s face when Manny attacks.

Even though Manny have all this success, he remains to be a very humble person, he helps people a lot, he loves God, and he loves his family. He may have mistakes in the past but he did everything to make amends and make up for his mistakes. He is an inspiration to all people, especially to the Filipino people. Manny is a great example of “never giving up in life”. That’s the reason why many people loves Manny Pacquiao because of his kindness, religiousness, and humility. It is heartbreaking to see his loss to Floyd when CLEARLY in the eyes of the people who watched his fight, Manny is the rightful winner. What intrigues me the most is that Floyd didn’t threw a lot of punches and yet in the scorecards he scored much more punches than Manny.

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny PacquiaoBoxing nowadays is not a sport anymore but it is JUST BUSINESS. Sorry to say this but it’s true, there are many fights that are controlled by money, that’s the other reason why fans love Manny because he fights not for the money but because it is his passion, he gives it his all and he makes sure that he makes his fans happy by giving us a spectacular performance.

By the end of the day, Yes Floyd Mayweather is still undefeated, he’s still the Champ, but he will NEVER get the RESPECT and the LOVE that he demands. It’s funny because after the fight, a lot of Americans are booing at Floyd. Yes Floyd you may have all the riches in the world but you will die a lonely rich man and people will remember you as the fighter who loves to run.

Manny Pacquiao will be remembered as a GREAT and RESPECTABLE boxer, and one day he will become a HALL OF FAMER. He shows us that you don’t need to win to be a Champion because for me and for many, Manny Pacquiao is the Real Champion, because A REAL CHAMPION WINS THE RESPECT AND THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE and no title or no money can match that.