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Why hate Lebron?

I’ve been watching the NBA since I was a kid when Jordan won 6 championships, and when Kobe and Shaq dominated the sport. I also watched how the Sacramento Kings got robbed, and the time when Tim Duncan won his Championship. I’ve watched the Boston Celtics won the championship vs the Lakers. I watched how the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Heat back in 2006 then came back to Win it back in 2011. Then I’ve watched how the Spurs dominated the Heat and how Steph Curry became the MVP and won the Championship last year. Now this year the Cleveland Cavaliers won it all, and with Lebron James as the Finals MVP.

To be honest. Ever since Lebron James went to the Miami Heat. I started to hate him because of his arrogance and because he self proclaimed that he is “KING JAMES”. Yes he is a dominant in the sport but his arrogance is really massive that’s why many people really hate Lebron, not only that, he is also a master of flopping. Imagine a big guy like him flopping just to get a foul is a poor way of being great. I hated him because of that, that’s why I want the Dallas Mavericks to win and then I was very happy when he lost especially when they lost to the Spurs. He has no excuse and keeps on whining for his mistakes. During last year vs the Golden State Warriors I was kinda hoping that Lebron would prove that he is the greatest player in the world without any help from Kyrie and Kevin because if he won the championship all by himself I would be convinced that he is the greatest player in the world just like he claimed during an interview. But I was disappointed and at the same time happy because I think he deserved that lost so that his arrogance will go straight to his face.ap_649535383326-cropped

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers won the Championship for the 1st time I thought I was going to be mad because of Lebron’s arrogance. But when Lebron cried, I realized that he gave his heart and soul to the game. I know his arrogant but when you look at his stats he is leading all categories and will make you think that he really does deserve the finals MVP award and that his team deserves to win it all. I’ve gained a lot of respect to him because of his determination and passion. I didn’t see the Lebron that I saw last year when he looks tired all the time and doesn’t have the mood to play. when they were down 3-1 that’s the time when I see the fire burning inside him, The determination to win just like Jordan did. Although he will never be greater than Jordan or Kobe, He will be known as the one of the Best, The Magic Johnson of this era.

I was suppose to be bitter because of the lost of the Warriors but it’s funny, because I’m happy for Lebron to achieve his goal and his promise to Cleveland.
it goes to show that with hardwork, teamwork, and dedication to your craft, you will achieve anything.