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Stand to Reason!!

  • Written by: Ronaldo Inosencio M. Bacungan
  • Dated: May 8, 2006


Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code generated so much controversy, though it is a work of fiction. Some quarters tried to analyze it pointed out so-called facts and fiction. Why the need to cannot mostly pre-empt the effect of the book to its readers that the idea of Jesus having married Mary Magdalene and had a child is utterly false having no historical basis as they claimed.

What are the sole criteria of truth to test the validity of Dan Brown’s theory and those who believe otherwise?

The mind is a very mysterious faculty of man, it becomes restless or at ease with whatever is presented to it. Hence in my opinion, the test of truth should lie solely on the test of reason – “Stand to Reason”.

I believe what faith should also pass the test of truth. It should also be able to “stand to reason”. Like water, the mind seeks its natural level and natural balance. When it reaches its calm and serene. The mind entertains no doubt when in this state.

The truth about The Da Vinci Code’s arguments therefore pros and cons would naturally usher the readers’ mind into state of severity or turbulence.

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Thank you 2019

Before this year ends, I would like to thank all the people that made my 2019 one of the best years of my life.

Year End Party Performance by B.E.A.T.

Starting 2019 was a rough one because I started not having a job and pretty much started pretty much considered at my lowest point, but I’m so blessed ending this year with a BANG.

Made for Now
Unity Cup 2019: B.E.A.T. Performance

I’ve learned that God will never ever leave you behind no matter what happens especially in times of trouble. Just when you thought that everything will not be turned out well, he will always right behind to uplift you. Everything happens for a reason you might not understand it now but eventually you will get it. I also learned that every blessing comes along can be in small things. You learned to value it more that helped you to survive. It could be a P10 hard boiled egg in Kalayaan or a P75 meal in Jollibee.

I thought that I will go home for good not until Cardinal Health found me. CHIP was my last option before my day ends in finding a job but eventually when I was referred to a different company, I didn’t know that company was CHIP. This made me realize that if it’s meant for you then it’s for you no matter what you do. From then on, I began my career again here in CHIP and right away I felt so welcomed. To be honest I was so overwhelmed of their culture that they accept you for who you are with no judgement.

Unity Cup
Unity Cup Street Dance Competition: Team Ruby Champions

My stay on CHIP made me realize that being true to yourself and being honest will make your life very practical because people here will accept you for who you are no matter how crazy or weird you are. Apart from that it’s also important to work hard and having the right attitude towards work and towards others. I also learned that you should focus on your work despite the individual issues around, at the end of the day the most important thing is to do what is expected from us and we got paid. I also learned that sometimes it’s okay not to care because we have our own problems, our own goals and we must focus on what’s important.

Year End Party: CHIPSTAR: Team Integrity: 2nd Place

I always remind myself on why I left my hometown and why I’m here working, it’s because I have a goal to fulfill my dreams and make a name for myself but it’s also important to not forget about your passions in life. If you have time then don’t be lazy, if you have time to dance then dance, if you have time to sing then

Clique Visionary: Choreography Competition

sing, if you have the time to cook then cook because nobody is going to do them for you except yourself. Everything don’t come easy you must work for it and do everything to earn it. No Shortcuts. Moving here in CHIP, I thought that I won’t able to dance anymore because of my job but I was wrong. CHIP gave me another opportunity to do what I love and at the same time having a job that I like and for me it’s a great blessing this 2019 to be able to pursue my career and do my passion at the same time.

I also learned how important water is with everything. I was diagnosed with having Kidney Stones around October and it made me realize that I should’ve been more cautious with my health. Learning it the hard way made care more about my health. I’m 29 and I have a problem with my Kidney so that rings my alarm bells.

MK Visit

Ultimately being here away from home made me realize the importance of Family. Being here made me miss the comfort of home. Good home cooks meals, Powerful internet, and Unlimited time on bed. Being outside my comfort zone made me stronger and wiser but being away made me realize the importance of having precious time with my family. So, everyone and then I go home and made sure that my time is well spent for them.

Unity Cup: Street Dance Competition 2019: Best Male Dancer: Champions

2019 was a blast. I was hired by one of the greatest companies that I’ve ever been, being with such wonderful and supportive people, being loved unconditionally by the best girlfriend and best friend any man could ever ask for, became a Champion and the Best in what I love for the first time, and now having a clear direction on what career path I’m taking. Therefore I can say that I have a LIFE. Thank you, God, thank you masters. I love you all, thank you 2019,


 2020 better be prepared for me!!

Happy New Year!!!

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This is Something

I’m writing an article that has no inspiration on it.

This is the only time that I had the chance to write again because now I’m not inspired. For how many years I remain idle in writing something, this was the only time that I wanna write. But this time I’m just not inspired to share anything, but I wanna write something. 

I really would like to write something because my mind has so many ideas, but when your body is so fatigued because of training and trying to get back in shape, your ideas will be converted into fuel, to sleep.


I’ve underestimated the concept of the “Nothing Box” because right now I need to get to my nothing box. Literally thinking of nothing at all. My priorities have changed, my goals are now more realistic, and I’m more focused on my Career.

Right now I’m trying to balance my work from my Passion especially now that my work is allowing me to do it. It’s great to have a company that creates programs that will balance out your life. It’s nice because they will make sure that you’re not just working but having fun as well.

Now that I’m independent, I wanna buy all the stuff that I want, eat everything I wanna eat, and Travel to all the places that I want to have memories with, but at the same time having to face my responsibilities and knowing my limitations especially now that I’m taking care of the bills. I wanna make sure that everything is balanced. It’s about having fun and facing the consequences at the same time. Yin and Yang. Perfect balance.

I’m sleepy, I want to sleep, but I need to work. See the difference?


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Nobody knows


Do you know how I feel? Do you have any idea what goes into my mind? Do you even bother asking me how I feel?

My mind right now is not a safe place to be. That’s a thing about depression, I may seem normal and alright but deep down, I want to die. My depression right now is so dark that if I scream for help no one hears. No one understands. The pain is so unbearable that you want to just end everything so that the pain will go away. Days have passed, thinking that tomorrow will be better but in reality everything is worse than you thought it would. Having this pure emptiness and despair inside will make you think that life is hell. Everything is down, gloomy, sad, dark, and hopeless. I’m sharing my thoughts right now so that people may understand that depressed people need help not attention. We need understanding not judgement. We need encouragement not pity. We need love not advice. The feeling that you’re all alone in this cold world is just murder. How I wish this unexplainable sorrow will come to an end. How I wish with a snap on my fingers all pain will go away. How I wish with one prayer all my hopes will come. How I wish that everything will come back to where everything was heaven. Before it’s too late

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New Year’s Revolution: The Revolution Begins

“It was bitter work, but the results were worth it”

After almost 2 months in the planning, finally! the Revolution begins!

New Year’s Revolution is just a crazy idea to showcased the students of the University of the Cordilleras their talents, and skills in dancing through friendly competition. This began when UC FUEGO became an official organization to this school, and has been creating programs for the benefit of the students. In the creation of this event came the very challenging times or should I say the Dark Ages of the said organi13699950_1118332228224617_7966404072415063973_nzation.

This Organization together with IT Society and the University Student Council struggled in making this event possible with a short span of preparation, they made sure that this event will push through. With only limited resources and limited time, they managed to finish their work and produced an event that will revolutionize the traditions of every competition that was created inside the university.

According to the President of Fuego the creation of the event was so chaotic that they came to a point that they want to cancel the event due to many errors, starting with the projectors, down to the sounds. But they didn’t quit under pressure and still pursue on making this event possible in which it did. 13726758_1127537390599943_7638337217424582999_n

During the event the Presidents of the 3 organizations didn’t watched the program, instead they made sure that the flow of the program goes smoothly. Even made them run around behind the scenes of the program just to make sure that their in sync because during the program they made necessary changes to the flow just to make the program much more better. It was very tiring to them considering that there were so many technical difficulties that happened during the event, but in the end everything went well. After the event was done everybody was so happy to the extent that they forget how tired and stressed they are in producing this event. Everyone had a good time especially the audience and the competitors of the said competition.

Having 5 competitors the 7 judges picked the Best Performers of the competition namely; Jizelle Sumbad for the Female category and Othniel Dela Pena for the Male category. 

the Psychotics won 4t13686489_971351389630108_5075275696740560990_nh runner up, System Reboot as the 3rd runner up, Camaraderie of Groove as the 2nd runner, Ronin as the 1st runner, and Uptick as the New Year’s Revolution 2016 Champion. The event ended with happy faces and emotional moments, the 3 organizations plan to have a sequel to the event and make another Revolution.

Congratulations to all the winners and see you all again on the next Revolution.




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Tick Tok Insanity

The feeling that you have so many things to do yet you have very little time to do it. How I wish that I can control time so that I can finish anything in a blink of an eye. 

Sometimes we need “ME, MYSELF, AND I TIME” because if you neglect yourself from having a good time once in a while, then you’ll burnout. It’s not bad to take a rest and think about yourself first rather than over working yourself and being stressed all the time.

As for me I have a lot of things to do. The Silew awards application, New year’s Revolution, Research paper, Choreography, Show your choreo, DBMS, System’s Architecture, Pasiklaban practices, Practices for NYR, sponsors, judges, posters, flyers, set ups, and all other responsibilities that needs to be done in a week. I’m on a verge of burning out because I don’t have the time and luxury to relax now because of all this things in mind. In order for me to relax and enjoy my own time, I must finish all my obligations and responsibilities before I end my term as the President real-timeof my Org.

It’s very difficult but this tasks are not impossible to do, their jus
t time consuming and what I need now is an extra 2 hrs in the clock. I just wish that there is a 15:00pm in a 12hr format (if you know what I mean). Time is upon us, it is constant yet, it is not enough to finish everything that you want in a given time, Whether you planned your day or not, it still doesn’t matter because when you concentrate on something, your focus on the time will be gone and you will be surprised and say that the time runs fast.

Hopefully everything will turn out fine, I just need a little help right now because these tasks can’t be done in just one day. I want the output of my work to be great, it’s like comparing quantity over quality. I want to focus more on the quality of my work instead of how I finished my work fast. In that way the people that I want to look at my outputs will be satisfied with my work because of efficiency and quality. Same with life, you must take it nice and slow in order for you to not miss a single thing along the way.

Oh well, going back to real life again.

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New Year’s Revolution: Genesis (The Making)

I know it’s already June but there’s no such thing as an “old year”, not unless it is before 2016.

After almost 1 month of processing, finally it’s already on the go. This was just a CRAZY IDEA made for the students of the University of the Cordilleras, and was made real with the help of the USC and IT Society.

I’m so excited because finally my crazy idea will come to life, just like my 1st idea of creating a dance workshop for the students of UC. Now, the moment that I’ve been waiting for is coming fast. Hopefully everything will be alright and successful.

The date is set for the competitibegin_processon. On July 16, 2016, the 26th year anniversary of the biggest earthquake that hit Baguio City back in 1990. We will know who will start the Revolution in UC. A Revolution of it’s students, a change in culture, a change in attitude, and a change that will make UC be known for it’s extraordinary students with unique, and astonishing talents.

We still have a lot to take care of and hopefully everything will be fine. I believe that this event will be successful because of the hard work and dedication of my active members, USC, IT Society, and volunteers in order for this event to push through. We’re already around 60% in the process and I believe that it will be 150% during the event ( I hope so ).


Don’t be afraid of letting your ideas be heard, because you’ll never know the great impact of an idea once it is already been made. Creation came from an idea so don’t underestimate the power of the mind. Think of an idea now but create it tomorrow for the development of the future.

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Why hate Lebron?

I’ve been watching the NBA since I was a kid when Jordan won 6 championships, and when Kobe and Shaq dominated the sport. I also watched how the Sacramento Kings got robbed, and the time when Tim Duncan won his Championship. I’ve watched the Boston Celtics won the championship vs the Lakers. I watched how the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Heat back in 2006 then came back to Win it back in 2011. Then I’ve watched how the Spurs dominated the Heat and how Steph Curry became the MVP and won the Championship last year. Now this year the Cleveland Cavaliers won it all, and with Lebron James as the Finals MVP.

To be honest. Ever since Lebron James went to the Miami Heat. I started to hate him because of his arrogance and because he self proclaimed that he is “KING JAMES”. Yes he is a dominant in the sport but his arrogance is really massive that’s why many people really hate Lebron, not only that, he is also a master of flopping. Imagine a big guy like him flopping just to get a foul is a poor way of being great. I hated him because of that, that’s why I want the Dallas Mavericks to win and then I was very happy when he lost especially when they lost to the Spurs. He has no excuse and keeps on whining for his mistakes. During last year vs the Golden State Warriors I was kinda hoping that Lebron would prove that he is the greatest player in the world without any help from Kyrie and Kevin because if he won the championship all by himself I would be convinced that he is the greatest player in the world just like he claimed during an interview. But I was disappointed and at the same time happy because I think he deserved that lost so that his arrogance will go straight to his face.ap_649535383326-cropped

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers won the Championship for the 1st time I thought I was going to be mad because of Lebron’s arrogance. But when Lebron cried, I realized that he gave his heart and soul to the game. I know his arrogant but when you look at his stats he is leading all categories and will make you think that he really does deserve the finals MVP award and that his team deserves to win it all. I’ve gained a lot of respect to him because of his determination and passion. I didn’t see the Lebron that I saw last year when he looks tired all the time and doesn’t have the mood to play. when they were down 3-1 that’s the time when I see the fire burning inside him, The determination to win just like Jordan did. Although he will never be greater than Jordan or Kobe, He will be known as the one of the Best, The Magic Johnson of this era.

I was suppose to be bitter because of the lost of the Warriors but it’s funny, because I’m happy for Lebron to achieve his goal and his promise to Cleveland.
it goes to show that with hardwork, teamwork, and dedication to your craft, you will achieve anything.

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Dance for PASSION and not for fame


Dancing is an ART not a TOOL for fame.

If your purpose is to gain popularity through dancing then you’ll fail.

Dance for passion and not for fame is not just a statement, but for me it is a principle that I follow. I want to improve my skills not to prove that I’m strong, but I’m doing it because I love to do it. It is a freedom of expression where you can be who you are and nobody can judge you. It has different styles based on the person’s preference, and  different genres to choose from. Having said all that I believe that no matter how good you are, no image-contactsmatter how difficult your choreography is, if you don’t put your heart and soul into your work, then your dance is just like a steak with no flavor in it. It may look good but if you don’t feel the dancer’s heart then the appreciation is gone.

I’ve met a lot of dancers in my time with the community. I’ve learned that the most humble persons in the dance community are the ones who actually “MADE IT” and the ones that doesn’t are the ones who are very arrogant. From that little research that I made, I now realize the concept of ATTITUDE = 100%.  I now fully understand that the arrogant people in the community are just improving their skills but never reached success because of their attitude. The people that desire to improve their skills just to show-off, are the same people who are being “ASSKISSERS” once they’re with the strongest dancers in the community and claims that their already on their level just because of several workshops.

The knowledge that you gain from every workshop is supposed to be shared and not bragged. Every workshop you attend doesn’t just contain the choreography and the foundations of that genre, but it contains much more deeper than that. It will teach you that everything that they taught you is based on their experience and the knowledge that they’ve gained when they’re just starting. Every workshop teaches us that in order for you to become a great dancer you must work hard, take negativity as a challenge, be humble, and most importantly, put your heart into it. In that way you will improve not only your skills but also your personality.

Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty.


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The Real Champion

Floyd-Mayweather-vs-Manny-Pacquiao-odds-665x385The whole world is waiting eagerly for this fight. Finally! a clash between the 2 best fighters of this era! Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao VS Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. Everyone is so excited for this fight!! yeah!! BUT what happened? After all the Hype they’ve put on this fight in the end “WE” the “FANS” are very disappointed. So much hype for the so called “Fight of the Century”.

For starters we all know that Manny is an aggressive fighter, and even though he fought with an injured right shoulder, he fought aggressively, and he gave it his all, and he never backed down, and I respect him for that, unlike Floyd who obviously played it safe. He spends his time running around the ring and when Manny attacks him, He immediately hugs him and then runs away again. He uses this strategy to make sure that he will win via Unanimous Decision and maintain his status as an undefeated fighter. Other people might say that he’s smart for doing it, for me in my opinion yes it is a smart thing to do but also it is a cowardly thing to do to win a match.

Sorry Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans but running around the ring and hugging your opponent won’t earn the respect of the people who loves boxing and the love of the fans. People will remember Floyd Mayweather Jr. not as the undefeated champ but as a fighter who is a coward. If you’ll say that it is his game plan then that’s a poor excuse for playing it safe. You call him “the greatest defensive fighter” but a lot of people will call him “the greatest runner”, “the greatest hugger” and “the greatest coward” in boxing history and he will never be considered to be in the hall of fame after claiming to himself that “He is greater than Ali”.

1430639868_floyd+mayweather+vs+manny+pacquiao Clearly he’s very arrogant and very disrespectful especially to his father Floyd Sr. that’s why people think that he is a bad role model unlike Manny. Manny Pacquiao is a very powerful fighter, not only he’s powerful but also he’s a very fast fighter. He is also a very successful man, he’s the only boxer who is an 8 division title holder. He is feared because of his aggressiveness in the ring, you can just look at Floyd’s face when Manny attacks.

Even though Manny have all this success, he remains to be a very humble person, he helps people a lot, he loves God, and he loves his family. He may have mistakes in the past but he did everything to make amends and make up for his mistakes. He is an inspiration to all people, especially to the Filipino people. Manny is a great example of “never giving up in life”. That’s the reason why many people loves Manny Pacquiao because of his kindness, religiousness, and humility. It is heartbreaking to see his loss to Floyd when CLEARLY in the eyes of the people who watched his fight, Manny is the rightful winner. What intrigues me the most is that Floyd didn’t threw a lot of punches and yet in the scorecards he scored much more punches than Manny.

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny PacquiaoBoxing nowadays is not a sport anymore but it is JUST BUSINESS. Sorry to say this but it’s true, there are many fights that are controlled by money, that’s the other reason why fans love Manny because he fights not for the money but because it is his passion, he gives it his all and he makes sure that he makes his fans happy by giving us a spectacular performance.

By the end of the day, Yes Floyd Mayweather is still undefeated, he’s still the Champ, but he will NEVER get the RESPECT and the LOVE that he demands. It’s funny because after the fight, a lot of Americans are booing at Floyd. Yes Floyd you may have all the riches in the world but you will die a lonely rich man and people will remember you as the fighter who loves to run.

Manny Pacquiao will be remembered as a GREAT and RESPECTABLE boxer, and one day he will become a HALL OF FAMER. He shows us that you don’t need to win to be a Champion because for me and for many, Manny Pacquiao is the Real Champion, because A REAL CHAMPION WINS THE RESPECT AND THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE and no title or no money can match that.