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Nobody knows


Do you know how I feel? Do you have any idea what goes into my mind? Do you even bother asking me how I feel?

My mind right now is not a safe place to be. That’s a thing about depression, I may seem normal and alright but deep down, I want to die. My depression right now is so dark that if I scream for help no one hears. No one understands. The pain is so unbearable that you want to just end everything so that the pain will go away. Days have passed, thinking that tomorrow will be better but in reality everything is worse than you thought it would. Having this pure emptiness and despair inside will make you think that life is hell. Everything is down, gloomy, sad, dark, and hopeless. I’m sharing my thoughts right now so that people may understand that depressed people need help not attention. We need understanding not judgement. We need encouragement not pity. We need love not advice. The feeling that you’re all alone in this cold world is just murder. How I wish this unexplainable sorrow will come to an end. How I wish with a snap on my fingers all pain will go away. How I wish with one prayer all my hopes will come. How I wish that everything will come back to where everything was heaven. Before it’s too late