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New Year’s Revolution: The Revolution Begins

“It was bitter work, but the results were worth it”

After almost 2 months in the planning, finally! the Revolution begins!

New Year’s Revolution is just a crazy idea to showcased the students of the University of the Cordilleras their talents, and skills in dancing through friendly competition. This began when UC FUEGO became an official organization to this school, and has been creating programs for the benefit of the students. In the creation of this event came the very challenging times or should I say the Dark Ages of the said organi13699950_1118332228224617_7966404072415063973_nzation.

This Organization together with IT Society and the University Student Council struggled in making this event possible with a short span of preparation, they made sure that this event will push through. With only limited resources and limited time, they managed to finish their work and produced an event that will revolutionize the traditions of every competition that was created inside the university.

According to the President of Fuego the creation of the event was so chaotic that they came to a point that they want to cancel the event due to many errors, starting with the projectors, down to the sounds. But they didn’t quit under pressure and still pursue on making this event possible in which it did. 13726758_1127537390599943_7638337217424582999_n

During the event the Presidents of the 3 organizations didn’t watched the program, instead they made sure that the flow of the program goes smoothly. Even made them run around behind the scenes of the program just to make sure that their in sync because during the program they made necessary changes to the flow just to make the program much more better. It was very tiring to them considering that there were so many technical difficulties that happened during the event, but in the end everything went well. After the event was done everybody was so happy to the extent that they forget how tired and stressed they are in producing this event. Everyone had a good time especially the audience and the competitors of the said competition.

Having 5 competitors the 7 judges picked the Best Performers of the competition namely; Jizelle Sumbad for the Female category and Othniel Dela Pena for the Male category. 

the Psychotics won 4t13686489_971351389630108_5075275696740560990_nh runner up, System Reboot as the 3rd runner up, Camaraderie of Groove as the 2nd runner, Ronin as the 1st runner, and Uptick as the New Year’s Revolution 2016 Champion. The event ended with happy faces and emotional moments, the 3 organizations plan to have a sequel to the event and make another Revolution.

Congratulations to all the winners and see you all again on the next Revolution.




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Tick Tok Insanity

The feeling that you have so many things to do yet you have very little time to do it. How I wish that I can control time so that I can finish anything in a blink of an eye. 

Sometimes we need “ME, MYSELF, AND I TIME” because if you neglect yourself from having a good time once in a while, then you’ll burnout. It’s not bad to take a rest and think about yourself first rather than over working yourself and being stressed all the time.

As for me I have a lot of things to do. The Silew awards application, New year’s Revolution, Research paper, Choreography, Show your choreo, DBMS, System’s Architecture, Pasiklaban practices, Practices for NYR, sponsors, judges, posters, flyers, set ups, and all other responsibilities that needs to be done in a week. I’m on a verge of burning out because I don’t have the time and luxury to relax now because of all this things in mind. In order for me to relax and enjoy my own time, I must finish all my obligations and responsibilities before I end my term as the President real-timeof my Org.

It’s very difficult but this tasks are not impossible to do, their jus
t time consuming and what I need now is an extra 2 hrs in the clock. I just wish that there is a 15:00pm in a 12hr format (if you know what I mean). Time is upon us, it is constant yet, it is not enough to finish everything that you want in a given time, Whether you planned your day or not, it still doesn’t matter because when you concentrate on something, your focus on the time will be gone and you will be surprised and say that the time runs fast.

Hopefully everything will turn out fine, I just need a little help right now because these tasks can’t be done in just one day. I want the output of my work to be great, it’s like comparing quantity over quality. I want to focus more on the quality of my work instead of how I finished my work fast. In that way the people that I want to look at my outputs will be satisfied with my work because of efficiency and quality. Same with life, you must take it nice and slow in order for you to not miss a single thing along the way.

Oh well, going back to real life again.